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Do The Words “Tooth Extraction” Make You Cringe?

Tooth Extraction Smile Creators McDonoughIn theory, no one should ever need teeth extracted. As kids, our baby teeth fall out and are replaced with our adult teeth, which we then keep for the rest of our lives. Easy enough right? Unfortunately, many people still need to have teeth extracted. There are two main reasons for this, which we will explain here.

First, there is the issue of tooth damage. If a tooth is damaged, it might be necessary to remove it from the mouth to prevent the decaying tooth from causing you more serious dental issues in the future. Sometimes the damaged tooth can simply be repaired, but once it hits the point of decay, removal of the damaged tooth can quickly become the best option.

Second is mouth overcrowding. Even if your teeth are perfectly healthy and are not damaged, it may become necessary to remove some if there are simply too many teeth in your mouth! The overcrowding of teeth if left untreated can lead to serious dental problems including a bad bite and constant pain in your mouth due to the teeth not having proper room to grow in, so removing these extra teeth is a priority for sure.

Whatever the reason that you need teeth extracted, Smile Creators in McDonough is the place to go for it! We prioritize our patients’ comfort and will do anything and everything we can to make sure your procedure is as quick and painless as possible. If you need teeth extracted, trust the experienced oral surgeons and dentists at Smile Creators and call us today. Your mouth will thank you for it!

Okay, so you have seen a dentist and they determined you need to have teeth extracted. Yikes! But how does this process actually work? We will go through that here to show that tooth extraction is not as scary or painful as it might initially sound.

Once your dentist has determined the teeth that must be extracted and why, removing them is relatively simple. At Smile Creators, you can simply book an appointment to come into our relaxing and stress free office and have it handled. You will be administered a strong numbing agent which makes you feel very little pain if at all, and then the dentist goes to work. The dentist (or oral surgeon) will grab the tooth using forceps and gently rock it back and forth until it is released from the jawbone. In rare instances, it is sometimes necessary to pull stubborn teeth in pieces, though this very rare. Most teeth come out fairly easily once the process begins, and it is quick and efficient.

And that is it. It’s over, you made it. The process is made to sound a lot more painful and scary than it really should be. If you come to Smile Creators, we guarantee that we will do everything humanly possible to minimize your discomfort. From our stress free offices to the experience of our staff, every detail was designed for your comfort. To hear more, call us at 770-898-9191 today.

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