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Emergency Dental Services in McDonough, GA​

Emergency Dentist Henry County

Do You Have a Dental Emergency?

Let’s face the facts, we have all had some kind of dental emergency in our lives, whether it be ourselves or a family member.  Such emergencies could include a toothache, a broken, chipped or cracked tooth, or a lost or damaged filling or crown.

emergency dental services mcdonough ga

For any dental emergency, it is imperative that you obtain an immediate diagnosis from our highly experienced doctors for proper treatment. This is vital—even if your toothache seems to disappear.  You could still have an infected tooth.  Unfortunately, the infection cannot clear up without appropriate dental treatment.


We Are Here When You Need Us

Our team understands that a very pressing aspect of a dental emergency is discomfort and/or pain.  As your devoted family dental healthcare providers, we are available in your time of need.  Drs. Huynh and Le are able to provide an extensive range of emergent dental procedures in our office.  Whether your emergency requires a root canal, an extraction, or another restorative procedure, you will be seen promptly and obtain proper treatment the same day.

Reasons for an Emergency Dental Visit

Facial swelling:  Swelling around any part of the face may result from a dental infection, intra-oral trauma, etc.  It is imperative that you seek immediate medical attention as soon as possible.  Our team at Smile Creators will work to provide you with immediate care.

Mouth pain: As we all well know, pain anywhere in the mouth can be debilitating.  There are numerous reasons for such pain, including but not limited to: tooth infection, gum infection, broken teeth, tooth decay, mouth sores, soft & hard tissue pathology, and systemic health issues.  Drs. Huynh and Le will properly identify the etiology of your pain and provide appropriate treatment.

Knocked-out tooth: If anyone loses a permanent tooth, care should be taken in picking up the missing tooth by the crown and without touching the root.  If the tooth has touched the floor or another possibly contaminated surface, rinse the tooth gently under a low (not fast!) flow of clean running water.  Next, the tooth should be placed back into your mouth and held in place by gently biting down.  In the event that you are unable to follow these instructions, insert the tooth into a glass of milk and bring it along with you to our office.

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Missing filling or crown: If your filling or crown comes out or is broken, never attempt to put it back in yourself!  Smile Creators can restore or replace it.

Broken tooth: A fractured tooth can cause extreme pain and must be treated immediately.

Object stuck in-between teeth: If any kind of food or foreign material is stuck in-between your teeth, it can lead to gum discomfort and swelling. w It is recommended that you floss extensively all around your tooth to remove the object and rinse your mouth out well afterward to remove any residual debris. The use of a sharp instrument to remove anything in your teeth or gums is discouraged as it could lead to more damage.

You may also want to learn more about our endodontics treatment service!

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Accidents Can Happen at Any Time

Advanced studies show that the number one cause of damage to teeth arises from playing sports. This means that even a game of basketball played in the backyard can lead to a tooth being broken or knocked out.

The use of a mouth guard is a preventative measure to keep yourself protected, but if an emergency should occur, give us a call immediately at (770) 898-9191.

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