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Pediatric Dentistry in McDonough, GA​

Pediatric Dentists Henry County, GA

A Healthy Smile Makes a Happy Child!

We are extremely focused on the happiness of children because we know that a healthy smile is not just about having good teeth.  Our dentists are fun to be around and they always build a connection with your child.  At Smile Creators, we make it our goal to give your child the best dental office experience possible.

When children are proud of their teeth, they smile bigger and brighter.  Whether at school, at home, or at play, a healthy smile helps them feel more confident.

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Our dentists have kind-hearted personalities coupled with their knowledge and skill as experts in the field.  Your child will always get warm fuzzies after a visit to our dental office!

We want each visit to be stress-free and we will take great strides to turn hiding into high-fives, crying into crooning, and fear into fun!

Why Are The Primary Teeth Important?

Every child grows twenty primary teeth, usually by the age of three.  These teeth are gradually replaced by the age of twelve or so with a full set of twenty-eight permanent teeth, and later on, four molars called “wisdom teeth.”

It is essential that a child’s primary teeth are healthy because proper primary teeth development sets the stage for permanent teeth.  If primary teeth become decay or do not grow in properly, the chances are greater that their permanent replacements will suffer the same fate.  For example, poorly formed primary teeth that don’t erupt properly could crowd out spaces reserved for permanent teeth.  Space maintainers can sometimes be used to correct this condition if it is spotted early enough.


Babies’ gums and teeth can be gently cleaned with special infant toothbrushes that fit over your finger.  Water is often suitable in lieu of toothpaste (because they may swallow the toothpaste, some of which contain fluoride).  Parents are advised to avoid fluoride toothpastes on children under the age of two as ingesting large amounts can cause fluoride toxicosis.


Fluoride is generally present in most public drinking water systems. If you are unsure about your community’s water and its fluoride content, or if you learn that it has an unacceptable level of fluoride in it, there are fluoride supplements your dentist can prescribe.  Your child may not be getting enough fluoride just by using fluoride toothpaste.


You can safely relieve a small child’s toothache without the aid of medication by rinsing the mouth with a solution of warm water and table salt.  However, if the pain doesn’t subside, contact your dentist immediately.

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Pediatric Dental Services

We offer numerous services to accommodate your child’s dentistry needs.  If you have a question concerning our services listed below, please give us a call at (770) 898-9191.

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What Makes Us Different

At Smile Creators, our dentists are specialized in the newest and best treatments to enhance or restore your child’s smile.  Our dentists explain the treatment in words just right for the child’s age and level of understanding and will show the child the procedure in a simplified manner, then perform the treatment without deviating from the explanation.  They also reiterate the steps to the procedure as they are carried out.

Our dentists will always inform you about your child’s dental health and development.

Come and see for yourself!  Smile Creators is the best choice for your dental needs in Mcdonough, GA.  With Smile Creators, individuals, parents and children can smile bigger and brighter than ever before!

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