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Get The Beautiful White Smile
You Have Always Wanted!

Get The Beautiful White Smile You Have Always WantedThey say that first impressions are hard to change. We gain a huge amount of information and feeling about someone just off the initial sight of them. Potential clients or partners will likely subtly feel different about you if your teeth are crooked or slightly yellow. Why not make sure your teeth are fully whitened and straight to score those first impression bonus points?

Although it may seem daunting and depending on the state of your teeth, you may be reluctant to have any work done.  However, having a nice bright smile is critical to your personal appearance and self-confidence.  You can attempt to whiten your teeth on your own at home; however, the effects are not as long lasting or as effective as visiting a dentist.  Having a professional whiten your teeth can be done much more quickly than at home, usually only an hour in a dentist’s chair.  A professional teeth whitening session is less abrasive on your gums and gum sensitivity will be lessened than if using at-home products.  And, having your teeth whitened by a professional is the safest method.

At Smile Creators we can whiten your teeth, repair chips or damage, restore whiteness to discolored teeth, and more! Do not feel like your teeth are beyond repair or too far gone. We guarantee that your smile is totally fixable.

The Smile Creators are here to help you get the beautiful white smile you have always wanted, without the hassle and cost of most other cosmetic dentists! Our team will work with you to determine exactly what treatment is right for you to get your teeth looking like a movie star’s in no time! Whether the problem is yellowing of the teeth, chipped teeth, displacement, or any combination of issues, we have your back. Just call The Smile Creators today at 770-898-9191 to set up a free consultation for your smile!

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