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Looking Your Best Is Important!

Looking Your Best Is Important Looking your best is important, especially when going on a job interview, attending a special occasion, or trying to impress someone.  People spend a fortune on their hair, their clothing, their accessories all to look good.  But, most people forget about their teeth.  Bright white teeth are important to an overall healthy, young look.  And, having nice white teeth is easy and inexpensive.  There are over the counter whiteners and teeth whitening toothpaste.  But, the best, easiest, and quickest way to achieve a bright white smile is to visit a professional teeth whitening dentist.

There are many reasons a person’s teeth will begin to dull and yellow.  Age alone will discolor teeth.  Also, there are many foods that will stain and darken teeth.  There are four main reasons people see a dentist to whiten their teeth:

  • The effects of aging. Over time, the enamel of your teeth wears away, leaving your teeth dull and yellowish.  Whitening your teeth makes you look young and vibrant.
  • The effects of the substances you put in your mouth. Smoking cigarettes and eating and drinking certain foods, such as coffee and wine, will cause a yellowing. Whitening your teeth will eliminate those ugly nicotine and blueberry stains.
  • Special Occasions. You buy new clothing and get your hair done for special occasions.  Why not have your teeth whitened to look your best?

At Smile Creators we care about you and your teeth.  In about one hour in a dentist’s chair, you can lighten your teeth and feel better about your smile.  All procedures are safe and overseen by a dentist so there are no worries.  Also, Smile Creators are a full-service dental service, so we can also help you with not only the appearance of your teeth, but the health and alignment as well. 

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